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Auto Insurance Industry in Idaho

  • An average consumer pays $1,175.00 on auto insurance
  • 84 of every 100,000 vehicles are reported stolen every year
  • Accident fatality rate of 1.46%
  • Of all accidents: 65% are road-way accidents, 20% are intersection accidents, and 14% of all accidents involve at least 1 truck.

A general consensus about state mottoes is they convey beliefs and characteristics of the residents. If this is true, Idaho’s state motto, “Let it be perpetual,” certainly applies to carrying auto liability insurance. Every resident who wishes to drive in Idaho must maintain proof of financial responsibility.

Idaho’s Minimum Requirements on Auto Insurance

To legally operate a vehicle in Idaho, residents must continuously maintain auto liability insurance. This is the most common form of showing financial responsibility if an accident occurs. However, there are other options available for residents to choose. These include:

  • An indemnity bond that guarantees a minimum $50,000 payment within 30 days of a single accident. This amount is necessary when property damage totals $15,000 for each registered vehicle. The maximum is $120,000 for five or more vehicles. Residents can get the bond from an authorized surety company in Idaho and approved by the Department of Insurance.
  • Residents who have 25 or more registered vehicles and a net worth of $500,000 or more may purchase self-insurance.

Idaho’s auto liability insurance requirements follow a 25/50/15 policy for private passenger vehicles. The minimum amount each driver must carry on their policy is:

  • Injury or death of one person: $25,000
  • Injury or death of more than one person: $50,000
  • Property damage: $15,000

When registering a vehicle with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you must sign a statement that confirms the vehicle is insured according to state requirements. You must carry documented proof in your vehicle, which is usually an insurance identification card from the insurance company. If you purchase an indemnity bond, you will need to keep documented proof of that in your vehicle.

It is important to comply with Idaho’s laws regarding auto insurance liability coverage. Otherwise, you will incur penalties for failing to maintain financial responsibility. For instance, you will receive a $75 fine for the first offense of not having auto insurance. Failing to produce proof if you are stopped by a police officer is a violation of state law.

Subsequent offenses within five years after the first are considered misdemeanors. Your fine could be up to $1,000 and you may receive up to six months of jail time.

Consumer Car Licensing Information in Idaho

Besides carrying sufficient liability insurance, you must also have a valid driver’s license to legally drive in the state. Private passenger drivers can receive a Class D license to operate pickup trucks, cars and SUVs. If you are a new resident of Idaho, you must apply for the driver’s license within 90 days of establishing residency. This is required even if your out-of-state license has not expired within that time.

A state-approved driver education training program is required for residents under 17 who wish to obtain a license. The same training program is not mandatory for residents 17 and older. However, the program is encouraged for first-time drivers who want a Class D license.

Before receiving a driver’s license in Idaho, every driver must pass a written examination. Take the following items with you on the day of the exam:

  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of identity, including your age
  • Social security card

In addition to passing the written exam, you must also pass a vision test with at least 20/40 vision in one eye.

The driving test is required for first-time drivers. Additionally, anyone with an expired license for more than one year must take the driving test.

The fee for an instruction permit and driver’s license is $11.50 each. Idaho also charges a $3 test fee for the written exam and a $3.50 road test fee.

Motorcycle Licensing Information in Idaho

Residents who wish to drive motorcycles in Idaho must receive a motorcycle endorsement that is added to a Class D driver’s license. Riders can receive the endorsement after successfully completing a state-approved motorcycle training course. Although the course is a requirement for anyone under 21, it is recommended for all riders. Everyone must pass a written knowledge test and a skills test.

Idaho STAR, which stands for Skills Training Advantage for Riders, is available through the Idaho Department of Education. Classes are designed for beginners and long-time riders who want to improve their motorcycle driving skills.

Fees related to a motorcycle endorsement are:

  • $15 one-time M endorsement
  • $15 motorcycle instruction permit that is valid for 180 days
  • $3 written test
  • $10 skills test

Passing the written knowledge test is a requirement before receiving the motorcycle instruction permit. Typically, the state will waive the endorsement fee when it is added to your regular driver’s license within the 180-day instruction permit time frame.

Commercial Vehicle Licensing Information in Idaho

There are three different commercial driver’s license (CDL) classes that residents may receive: Class A, Class B or Class C.

Eligibility for either class requires that each applicant be at least 18 years old and have a valid Class D driver’s license. The state administers a written knowledge test and a three-part road skills test. To take the written test, you must bring the following to the DMV office:

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Social security card
  • DOT medical certificate

CDL endorsements are also available based on the type of commercial vehicle you will drive. Examples include vehicles carrying more than 15 passengers, double trailers and vehicles hauling hazardous materials.

You must pass the written knowledge test before taking the road test. Typically, the road skills test takes three hours to complete. An appointment with the assigned skills tester is required.

Fees for an Idaho CDL are:

  • $40 for a four-year license
  • $29 for instruction permit
  • $15 replacement fee for the license or permit
  • $25 per upgrade of CDL license
  • $15 per endorsement
  • $3 per written knowledge test
  • $70 per road skills test

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