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Auto Insurance Industry in Missouri

  • An average consumer pays $1,486.00 on auto insurance
  • 268 of every 100,000 vehicles are reported stolen every year
  • Accident fatality rate of 1.27%
  • Of all accidents: 64% are road-way accidents, 16% are intersection accidents, and 14% of all accidents involve at least 1 truck.

Before you can register a car to drive on Missouri roads and streets, you must prove that you are financially responsible for accidents. The state has several options for licensed drivers to establish financial responsibility with the Department of Revenue (DOR).

Missouri's Minimum Requirements on Auto Insurance

Missouri has minimum requirements for every resident who wishes to drive legally in the state. Generally, you can choose one of the following options:

  • Purchase an auto liability insurance policy
  • Submit a $60,000 bond or cash deposit with the DOR
  • Become self-insured as a dealer with more than 25 vehicles
  • Submit a real estate bond to the DOR

The most common option is an auto liability insurance policy. If you choose to buy auto insurance, Missouri requires the following minimum amounts of coverage on every vehicle per accident:

  • $25,000 physical injury for each person
  • $50,000 physical injury for each person
  • $10,000 to cover property damage

The Show Me State lives up to its motto by requiring all drivers show proof of insurance and financial responsibility upon request. Typically when registering a vehicle, you must sign an affidavit agreeing to maintain insurance while the registration is active. You must also keep documented proof of insurance in your vehicle whenever you drive. Acceptable forms of financial responsibility include:

  • Insurance identification card
  • Receipt from your insurance policy purchase
  • Insurance policy or binder
  • Self-insured card for dealers
  • ID card from the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) if you purchase a bond or make a cash deposit

Failure to maintain proof of insurance while driving in Missouri can result in:

  • Four points added to your driving record
  • Suspended license

Driving a vehicle without insurance coverage will result in an automatic license suspension. The fee amount you must pay is based on the number of times you have violated Missouri’s insurance laws. After the first suspension, you must pay a $20 reinstatement fee. The second suspension requires a $200 reinstatement fee; the third and subsequent suspensions cost $400 to reinstate your license.

Consumer Car Licensing Information in Missouri

Every resident who wishes to drive on Missouri roads must have a valid driver’s license. A Class F license is issued for drivers to operate a passenger vehicle by the Motor Vehicle Bureau (MVB) division of the DOR. The office where drivers complete the tests and application procedures varies based on where they live within the state. Typically, the MVB processes driver’s licenses and the Missouri Highway Patrol (MSHP) administers road tests.

While most states accept a completed application on the day of testing, Missouri’s process for obtaining a driver’s license is different. Typically, you are required to take three different tests before submitting an application for a driver’s license or learner’s permit. The testing process includes a written knowledge exam, road signs and driving.

Your status determines whether you must take one or all of the tests. First-time drivers must take all three tests. If you recently moved to Missouri and have a current out-of-state license, you only need to take the road sign test and vision screening.

Before you begin the testing process, you must take a driver examination form to a local MVB office. In addition, you must also submit legal proofs your personal identity, U.S. citizenship status and Missouri residency. After successfully completing the tests, including a vision screening, and paying the appropriate fees, you can receive a driver’s license.

Motorcycle Licensing Information in Missouri

Generally, Missouri issues a Class M instruction permit and license to anyone in the state who wants to drive a motorcycle. The state also issues a M endorsement on a regular driver’s license to grant legal operation of a motorcycle.

A motorcycle training course is not required to receive either a permit or license. However, if you are interested in taking a course to build your riding ability, courses are provided by the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program (MMSP). Typically, training focuses on safe ways to maneuver a motorcycle in various traffic conditions.

Residents who are 16 and older can receive an instruction permit without taking a motorcycle training course. However, anyone over 16 will need to pass a vision screening, written knowledge and road sign tests. All instruction permits have restrictions where you are allowed to drive during daylight hours and not have passengers on the motorcycle.

Motorcycle instruction permits are valid for six months and cost $1 plus a $2.50 handling fee. Individuals younger than 16 years old will need to pay $3.75 for instruction permits. You can take the on-cycle road test at any time after receiving the instruction permit. The tests are administered in either a controlled area or during actual traffic.

Missouri motorcycle license fees are based on the length of time the license is valid. A three-year motorcycle license is $10; a six-year Class M license costs $20.

Commercial Vehicle Licensing Information in Missouri

Commercial driver’s licenses (CDLs) are issued as Class A, B and C for drivers who want to operate commercial vehicles in Missouri. Generally, a CDL is required for you to operate one of the following types of vehicles:

  • A vehicle that weighs more than 26,000 lbs.
  • A trailer that weighs more than 10,000 lbs.
  • A transport passenger vehicle
  • A transport vehicle that hauls hazardous materials

The age requirement to drive a commercial vehicle for Missouri residents is 18 years old. You must be at least 21 years old if your CDL application is for a hazardous materials endorsement.

Typically, the state of Missouri requires applicants to take and pass one or more knowledge tests. Deciding which one is appropriate will depend on the class of license and endorsement for which you are applying.

The six-month CDL instruction permit costs $7.50; a three-year CDL costs $22.50 and a six-year license is $45.

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