Critical Things a Commercial Trucker Should Know

Driving a commercial vehicle is not an easy task; a truck operator has a lot of responsibilities on his/her shoulders. Did you know that in the United States, of all automotive accident fatalities, 11% of them involve at least 1 commercial truck? Here we will discuss several things that a commercial trucker must know and follow to ensure road safety and reduce accident fatalities involving trucks.

1. Slow Down when Turning

Momentum is a crucial factor causing accidents when taking sharp turns. A commercial truck is heavy. The forward momentum on the vehicle itself continues even when you are turning, especially when you are carrying a heavy load. Slow down when you make turns. Remember, you want to pull your load instead of allowing your load to push your vehicle in the wrong directions.

2. Keep Your Distance

When you operate a commercial vehicle, the distance you need to keep between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead of you is more than you think, especially when you are carrying a heavy load. When you crash into the vehicle ahead of you in a rear-ended collision, the impact is multiple times greater than a crash involving 2 consumer vehicles. In most fatal accidents involving trucks, the smaller vehicle is often crushed like squeezing an empty can of coke.

3. Don't Go Over the Speed Limit

The time it takes for a commercial truck to stop is increased dramatically (you should know that from your training). Therefore, by going over the speed limit, you are effectively multiplying the time your truck needs for it to come to a full stop. Many trucks are restricted to 90km/hour or 55 miles/hour. It is very easy to be tempted. Be patient and think about the safety of your cargo, yourself, and others.

4. Honk when Reversing

An eighteen wheeler commercial truck comes with many blind spots. When your truck is in reverse mode, roll down your windows so you can hear the honks from other vehicles, and honk continuously while the truck is moving backwards. Some truck drivers even honk when merging lanes. "It is better to be safe than sorry."

5. Have Enough Rest

For a professional truck driver, being consistent and always go according to the schedule that is reasonable is very important. In some states, it is illegal to drive for over 14 hours continuously. Some states require truck drivers to have a fixed amount of rest after a specified amount of continuous driving. Remember, you may injure or take the life of someone with a blink of an eye.

6. Do Your Safety Checks

This is one of the most forgotten mistakes by truck drivers. Standard safety checks have to be performed thoroughly before one goes on the road. Many truck drivers ignore these repetitive tasks and put other people's lives in danger. Do your pre- and post-trip inspections. Fill in the inspection reports with great detail.

7. Safe Passing

Do not pass a vehicle when approaching an intersection, railroad crossing, bridge, tunnel, hill, and curve. Many truck drivers forget how long it takes for a truck to accelerate and how long a truck is; It takes a lot more time for a truck to pass.

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