Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance in the United States

Going on a vacation in a RV is becoming a popular trend among the Americans. There are over 30 million RV enthusiasts in the United States and the number is growing fast. Many of the RV owners drive their RVs on the road from time to time; there are some that are living in their RVs as their primary resident. At, we understand that you carry more than just a backpack when you are on the road. Our goal is to help you stay protected against all the odds and uncertainties.

Finding the right coverage for your RV is a serious task. Whether if you operate a Class A/B/C, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Bus Conversion, Airstream, or Camper Shell recreational vehicle, we work with many specialized auto insurance companies throughout the United States to help you find the best coverage, customized to your needs and requirements, at the lowest rates.

Types of RV Insurance Coverage

RV insurance is specialized auto insurance. Unlike traditional car insurance, RV insurance often requires more coverage and customization.

1. Liability Coverage - The liability coverage of a typical RV insurance policy is very similar to the liability coverage in a car insurance policy. The insuring company will provide financial coverage for any bodily damage or property damage claims from any third party involved in an at-fault accident.

2. Collision Coverage - This type of coverage provides financial protection for your RV and/or your towing vehicle in an at-fault or not-at-fault accident. Policy holders are required to pay a fixed amount of deductibles during the claim process.

3. Full RV Replacement Coverage - Some insurance companies provide replacement coverage if your RV is totaled or stolen and has not recovered within 5 years. Policy holder will receive a new and comparably-equipped RV as the original RV insured in the policy.

4. Comprehensive Coverage - Provides financial coverage and protection for all damages done to your RV and/or towing vehicle due to vandalism and natural disasters such as fire, flood, hail, tornado, earthquake, and lightning.

5. Personal Items Coverage - As previously mentioned, we understand that you carry more than just a backpack when you travel. Your personal belongings are covered for full replacement cost of up to $3,000 or more upon request. Please note that the more you need (more than $3,000), the higher premium you will need to pay. Sometimes, insurance companies will also provide coverage for items that have been traveling with your RV but are away at the time of the claim incident - e.g. bikes.

6. RV Customization Coverage - We understand your needs and respect the luxury lifestyle of RV owners. If you would like to add items to your RV such as satellite, solar panels...etc., we can customize your policy to provide coverage for these extras. Do keep in mind that the more coverage you need, the higher premium you will need to pay.

7. Full-Time Usage Coverage - For those who claim their RVs as their primary residence can enjoy this type of protection that works similar to how homeowners insurance works. This type of protection provides more coverage for items within the RV. Injuries within and around the RV are also covered.

9. Pay As You Go Coverage - This type of coverage works for most of the RV owners who only operate their RVs during weekends, holidays, and vacations. We understand that most of the RV owners have secondary vehicles for day-to-day use. It doesn't make sense to insure your RV if you are just parking it in the garage. Pay only for what you need.

10. Emergency Expense Allowance - Policy holders can enjoy up to $2,000 in emergency expense allowance; they can spend up to $2,000 on meals, hotels, towing, and all the other emergency expenses incurred due to an accident.

RV Insurance in Different States

Each state's department of motor vehicles (DMV) has its unique set of rules and regulations for RV owners. Insurance Calculator Inc. recommends RV drivers to be aware of the RV industry in their local states, as well as the states where they plan to travel to. Select your state below and learn more about RV insurance and state regulations in your state:

Top 5 Ways to Save Money on RV Insurance - Do It Yourself

1. Compare Quotes from Multiple Providers - Most people don't spend the time and effort (or simply don't have the time and energy) to compare quotes. This is where we step in. Our innovative insurance calculator can help you obtain quotes from multiple providers in your area in a matter of seconds, allowing you to compare quotes like never before, saving both time and money.

2. Association Discounts - Become members of RV owner clubs and associations to receive members-only discounts. Some associations offer up to 20% discount on RV insurance for members only. When you use our services, our staff will recommend a list of clubs and associations for you to join.

3. Annual Payment Option - Many of the RV insurance providers we work with provide up to 5% discount to policy holders who choose to pay their premiums on a yearly basis.

4. Package Discount - All of the insurance companies we work with specialize in more than 1 type of insurance coverage, and almost all of them provide both auto and homeowners insurance. Save up to 20% by combining your RV insurance policy with your homeowners insurance policy.

5. Multi-Vehicle Discount - The majority of RV owners throughout the United States use their RVs as secondary vehicles. Combine your RV insurance policy with your auto insurance policy on your primary vehicle and save an additional 25%.