Motorcycle Insurance in the United States

There are millions of motorcycle riders throughout the United States. Insurance Calculator Inc. understands the needs of today's rider. We work with hundreds of auto insurance companies across the nation to provide competitive quotes on motorcycle insurance. From Harley's, Power Cruisers, Cruisers, Touring Motorcycles, Scooters, Standard Motorcycles, High Performance Motorcycles, Racing Motorcycles, Sport Bikes, to Trikes, our insurance partners will work with you and go the extra miles with you to create a policy that works for you - with the best coverage at the most affordable rates.

Similar to a typical car insurance policy, liability coverage on your motorcycle is the minimum required by law in all of the states throughout the United States. Whether if you just need liability coverage, or other coverage such as collision, medical...etc., you are in good hands with us. We provide complete coverage on motorcycle insurance throughout the United States.

Types of Coverage Available

1. Liability Coverage - Provides financial coverage and protects you against claims for bodily injuries or property damages from any third party involved in an at-fault accident.

2. Guest Passenger Liability Coverage - Provides financial coverage for claims from your passenger for bodily injuries and medical payments in an at-fault accident.

3. Collision Coverage - Provides financial coverage for any damage to your motorcycle in an at-fault or not-at-fault accident. Policy holders are required to pay a fixed amount in deductibles during the claim process.

4. Comprehensive Coverage - Provides financial coverage and reimbursement for any damage to your motorcycle due to vandalism and natural disasters such as fire, flood, lightning, tornado, hail, earthquake...etc. Theft is also covered in this type of coverage.

5. Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists Coverage - This type of coverage will provide financial coverage for your injuries in a not-at-fault accident where the third party involved is not insured or has insufficient liability coverage.

6. Trike Coverage - Provides collision, liability, and comprehensive coverage for your bike if you ever plan to covert your motorcycle into a trike. This type of coverage is also available to motorcycles that were originally manufactured as trikes.

7. Emergency Expense Allowance Coverage - Provides a fixed amount of financial coverage for emergency-related expenses including, but not limited to, towing, hotels, food, and transportation in an accident scenario.

Motorcycle Insurance in Different States

Each state throughout the United States has its own set of rules, requirements, and regulations on motorcycle insurance. We encourage drivers to be aware of the motorcycle industry in their local states prior to buying a motorcycle or insurance policy. Select your state below:

Discounts Available

Insurance Calculator Inc. maintains good relationships with the major insurance companies throughout the United States. As a result, we are able to provide various types of exclusive discounts to our users. Riders can save more with us.

1. Switch and Save Discount - Riders who are currently insured can enjoy up to 20% discount for switching to another insurer in partnership with us.

2. Homeowners Discount - Many of the insurance companies we work with also offer homeowners, condo, and renters insurance. Combine your motorcycle insurance with property insurance and enjoy up to 15% additional discount on your motorcycle insurance policy.

3. Motorcycle Safety Course Discount - Riders who complete a certified Motorcycle Safety Course can enjoy an additional 10% in savings for the first 3 years.

4. Theft Prevention Discount - If you ride a bike with theft prevention devices such as audible, immobilizer, LoJack, GPS, and any other theft deterrent equipments are eligible to receive up to 5% in savings.

5. Association Discounts - There are many motorcycle associations throughout the nation such as HOGS, Gold Wing...etc. Riders can join these associations through us and enjoy additional discounts of up to 10%.

6. Multiple Bikes Discount - Riders with more than 1 motorcycle can benefit from this type of discount. Up to 25% discounts are available for secondary bikes.

7. Loyalty Discount for Claim-Free Policy Holders - Many of the insurance companies we work with value long-term customers who are claim free. Be sure to ask us about loyalty discounts when you renew your policy.

Save More on Motorcycle Insurance

Compare, compare, and compare! Most riders fail to accomplish maximum savings because they don't spend enough time in finding and comparing quotes from multiple providers. Or, they simply don't have the time to do so due to other responsibilities in life.

On, riders like you will be able to find and compare quotes from multiple motorcycle insurance providers in your area in a matter of seconds. Never before has the insurance hunting process been this easy.