Save More on Car Insurance by Improving the Security Rating of Your Vehicle

Each vehicle has its own unique security rating. High security rating reduces the theft rate of the vehicle as well as protects the insured individual from being a victim of accident fraud. As a result, higher security rating also reduces the cost on car insurance premium.

Protecting your vehicle from theft and accident fraud is just as important as avoiding driving in areas with high theft and fraud rates. There are several ways you can improve the security rating of your vehicle. "We have prepared a list of DIY upgrades that you can implement to your vehicle." said Wayne, VP of Business Development of Insurance Calculator Inc. "We recommend consumers to improve the security ratings of their vehicles before obtaining an insurance policy."

Alarm System

Most of the vehicles are equipped with alarm systems. An alarm system will react to any physical impact to the body, wheels, and windows of the vehicle, as well as the unauthorized ignition of the engine and opening of the doors. It is required by law to have alarm systems in modern vehicles. But if you buy a used vehicle and it doesn't come with an alarm system, installing one can help you save up to 20% on car insurance.

Electronic and Mechanical Engine Immobilizer

A mechanical or electronic immobilizer prevents the ignition of the vehicle if a self-radiating key (token) is not within a fixed radius of the vehicle. The token is usually built into the set of car keys provided by the original manufacturers. Installing an immobilizer can cost anywhere from $500 to $2,000 but will result in 20% to 25% saving on insurance premium per year.

Wheel Locks

Wheel theft is very common throughout the United States. A set of wheels can cost one thousands of dollars and it only takes less than a minute for professional thieves to remove 4 unprotected wheels from a vehicle. A wheel lock is like a knob of a door that requires a key to open, which stops amateur thieves and increases the time it takes to remove tires for professional thieves.

Enhanced Protection Glazing on Windows (EPG)

Enhanced protection glazing will make your windows stronger and protect your vehicle from "smash and steal" crime. It doesn't matter if you have an alarm system, one can smash your windows and take something in a matter of seconds.

Dashboard Recorder

A dashboard recorder provides continuous recording of the dashboard view while you drive. This device provides you with video evidence in a car accident. This type of device is especially important to individuals who suffer from "intentional back-up" accident fraud. Providing as much evidence as possible is critical as one the steps to take in a car accident.


Deadlocks prevent the doors from opening from both outside and inside when the vehicle is locked, which prevents thieves from smashing your windows and opening your doors from the inside.

Theft Tracking Devices

Tracking devices such as passive GPS locator helps the police to track down the location of your vehicle if its stolen, doesn't matter if the vehicle is running or not.

Pin-Coded Stereo System

Thieves like to steal auto stereos. By installing a Pin-Coded stereo system, your stereo unit will only operate and it is connected and installed to your vehicle, making it point-less for thieves to steal your stereo system.

Theft-Resistant Plates

It only takes a couple of seconds to remove a unprotected vehicle plate. There are professional crime groups who steal vehicle plates to use in illegal activities. Protect yourself and your family by installing theft-resistant plates which will dramatically increase the time it requires to remove your vehicle plate.

Improving the security rating of your vehicle is only one of the many ways that you can do to save more on car insurance. Please complete the upgrades before contacting your insurance provider, and tell them about such upgrades even if they don't ask.