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"We work with hundreds of leading auto insurance companies and independent brokers throughout the United States," said Eric, CEO of "If you live in the United States, you can use our free auto insurance calculator to find and compare quotes from multiple insurance providers in your area in a matter of seconds." offers many types of auto insurance coverage which includes, but not limited to, car insurance, truck insurance, motorcycle insurance, recreational vehicle (RV) insurance, All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) insurance, commercial auto insurance, antique & classic vehicle insurance, and military car insurance.

Innovative Auto Insurance Calculator

Becoming insured has never been easier. With's free auto insurance calculator, the back-end engine of will be able to obtain quotes and display them on your screen in a matter of seconds. No longer will you need to contact insurance companies one-by-one, spending hours after hours to obtain and compare quotes. In fact, most people end up not having the time and patience to compare and find the best coverage at the most affordable rate.

The insurance industry is very competitive. The only way to know that you are getting the best rate is by comparing quotes from multiple providers. "We aim to help consumers maximize their savings by providing them with as much opportunities to compare as possible," said Eric. "The best part is that they can start comparing quotes from multiple companies in a matter of seconds from their computers at home or at work." The company helps consumers save both time and money by simplifying the quotes comparison process with the help from modern technology and the Internet.

Compare Quotes in 3 Easy Steps

We have designed our auto insurance calculator to be extremely simple and easy to use. "We understand that our audience includes people of different age groups," Eric added. "You can start the quotes comparison process in 3 simple steps:"

Step 1. Select the Type of Insurance

Because of the number of insurance providers we work with, we are able to provide a wide range of coverage types on auto insurance. Select from the following types of auto insurance:

Step 2. Enter Your ZIP Code

You don't have to provide us with your personal information such as address or phone number. With your ZIP code, our system will be able to accurately identify your location and connect with eligible providers within a 10-mile radius of your ZIP code location.

Step 3. Compare Quotes and Save

Quotes from multiple top eligible providers in your area will be displayed on your computer screen in a matter of seconds. Simply click on each of the insurance providers displayed on your screen to obtain quotes. Even though quotes from the top providers are provided, an average driver compares at least 3 quotes to find the best coverage at the lowest rate.

Factors Affecting Insurance Premium

It doesn't matter if you are riding a motorcycle, driving a car, or operating a commercial truck, there are several fundamental factors that have significant effects on insurance premium.

1. Annual Mileage and Vehicle Use - Being able to drive creates a lot of convenience, but convenience comes with a price. The more you use your vehicle, the higher premium you will need to pay.

2. Year, Make, and Model of Vehicle - Each vehicle has its unique security, safety, accident, and breakdown ratios. If you drive a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, don't expect to receive cheap insurance quotes. It is a smart decision to obtain quotes for the vehicles you plan to purchase prior to purchasing one. With that said, having a cheap car doesn't mean cheap insurance premium. Quite often, cheap vehicles have low crash safety ratings, which will result in higher insurance premiums.

Generally speaking, you want your vehicle to have:

  • High security rating
  • High crash safety rating
  • Low accident rating
  • Low breakdown rating

3. Age of Vehicle - Older vehicles tend to breakdown more often than newer vehicles. Keep this in mind especially when you purchase used / 2nd-hand vehicles. It is important to inspect the history of the vehicle to ensure a clean record, free from accidents and claims, before purchasing a used vehicle.

4. Driving and Parking Location - Where you will drive and park your vehicle is also an important factor that affects your insurance premium. If you drive in an area of high car accident and vehicle theft rates, your insurance premium will be higher, regardless of how safe and secure your vehicle is. This goes the same for where you will park your vehicle at night. If you park on the streets, you will pay more on insurance premium than people who park their vehicles in their garages or underground parking with video surveillance and security gate.

5. Driving Courses - More and more insurance companies throughout the United States are providing additional discounts to individuals who have taken certified defensive driving courses. Each state is different and each insurance provider is different. It is best to consult with the insurance companies to see the types of defensive driving courses you need to take to receive discounts on your insurance premium.

6. Gender - Statistics indicate female drivers are more careful in driving as compared to male drivers. Female drivers are less likely to get into accidents, resulting in cheaper insurance premiums than male drivers.

7. The Age Factor - Statistics indicate that young drivers are more likely to get into accidents due to the fact that they carry fewer responsibilities. Insurance premium drops significantly for people who pass 25 years of age and continues to drop until the age of 65.

8. Driving History - This is a crucial factor for most, if not all, of the insurance companies throughout the United States. Your driving history is a clear indication of how you drive. If you have a driving history full of at-fault accidents or speeding tickets, your insurance premium will rise significantly year after year.

9. Credit Score and Credit History - In some states, it is prohibited for insurance companies to use credit score or credit history as one of the factors when determining insurance premiums. Some insurance companies still look at your credit score and credit history to see how responsible you are financially. Insurance companies believe that if one cannot be responsible financially, one cannot be responsible for others when driving on the road, which is, a fair assessment.

Auto Insurance in Different States

Each state has different requirements on auto insurance. aims to become an all-in-one stop for news, information, and quotes on auto insurance. If you wish to know more about auto insurance in your state, choose your state below:

Top 5 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance Premium

There are many ways you can save on auto insurance; here is the top 5 ways to achieve additional savings on your insurance premium:

1. Compare, Compare, and Compare - You will never find the best deal if you don't look for it. The good news is, we have simplified the quotes comparison process. With our free auto insurance calculator, you can find and compare quotes from multiple providers with ease.

2. Be Smart When Purchasing a Vehicle - Not all vehicles are created equal. Buy a vehicle with high safety rating, high security rating, low accident rating, and low breakdown rating will save you hundreds of dollars on auto insurance.

3. Be Responsible - Have a clean driving history - free from at-fault accidents and speeding tickets, good credit score, and good credit history. Cheap quotes are given to those who are responsible both when they are on the road and in their personal lives.

4. Combine Auto and Home Insurance - Significant discounts are available if you combine both auto and home insurance together in a package deal. Most insurance companies throughout the United States offer more than just auto insurance.

5. Group Discounts - If there are two or more family members who need auto insurance, you can benefit from group discounts by having 2 or more drivers on a vehicle. By having the experienced driver as the primary driver in the insurance policy will often result in lower insurance premium.